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Who we are?


Our company, Macmillan Equipment Group, aspires to be a major participant in the Hungarian laundry and dry cleaning industry. Our plants are constructed utilizing wholly new, cutting-edge technology, with long-term sustainability in mind

Who we work for?

Residental customers

with 12-24-48 hour commitment

Hotel guests

with 12-24 hour commitment

Hotel and catering workers’ clothes

with 24-48 hour commitment

Other work clothes

with 48-72 hour commitment

Representatives of domestic and world brand salons

with 24-48 hour commitment

Sport clubs, entertainment establishments

with 24-48 hour commitment

*Express service is also available with a maximum 6-hour commitment and a 50% surcharge , depending on quantity.



The hiwash team is dedicated to providing high-quality laundry, ironing, and cleaning services available to everyone. The demands of daily life and the usage of living space for a home office justify the provision of space for the most important functions in our lives and in our living spaces. With our services being available every day of the week, we offer our customers time and space back to be able to focus on what really matters in their lives.

Self-serice laundry


SpeedQueen self-service laundry launched in Hungary in 2020. We are worthy of competing in the self-service laundry industry, with the high-quality competitors already present, thanks to the speedy and effective washing and drying process supplied by professional machines. Textiles, including huge duvets, blankets, or a family’s complete holiday laundry, can be washed and dried in a maximum of 1 hour using our 11 and 18 kilogram washing machines and our 13 kg tumble dryers.

Commercial laundry


Our Pusztaszabolcs commercial laundry has the capacity to clean 300 tons of textiles every month. There is technology in our laundry that solves challenges in the hotel industry. Textiles are stored in the most up-to-date chip system, preventing textiles from being exchanged between partners. We can also provide a safe, up-to-date inventory database to our customers thanks to the system. We also put a lot of emphasis on stain removal because it’s one of the most common issues we have with our hotel partners. Separate stain treatment units have been built in our facility, where we use the most effective agents to remove stains caused by cosmetics, shoe wax, blood, and other sources.



We can be reached by email, in person, or over the phone. Please contact us using the information below.