Frequently asked


How does Softwash maintain the clothe's fabric?

Special washing procedures and detergents prevent the material fiber from water penetration when utilizing the new SoftWash ® technology. As a result, the scales do not open, preventing the cloth from fluffing and shrinking.

Does wet cleaning damage the garment?

Does not harm thanks to the gentle cleaning agent and program.

How responsibility works for a spoiled piece?

In all cases, we assume liability for damages up to five times the purchase price.

What happens if I don't have a washing crescent label in my cast dress?

Our colleagues try to provide the maximum they can during cleaning according to their expertise, but it is worth knowing that without a washing crescent label it is the customer’s responsibility to submit the garment for cleaning/washing. In this case, we are not liable for any errors that may occur in the course of the work.

What's the guarantee that my clothes won't mix with someone else's?

The pieces arriving at our plant are immediately supplied with a unique temporary chip, with the help of which the identification of the pieces entering the system can be easily carried out during the processes.