Self-service laundry

SpeedQueen self-service laundry launched in Hungary in 2020. We are worthy of competing in the self-service laundry industry, with the high-quality competitors already present, thanks to the speedy and effective washing and drying process supplied by professional machines. Textiles, including huge duvets, blankets, or a family’s complete holiday laundry, can be washed and dried in a maximum of 1 hour using our 11 and 18 kilogram washing machines and our 13 kg tumble dryers.

We give everything according to the self-rationing schedule, so no detergent or rinses are required. You may also track which of our machines are free or, if not, when they will be with the Speed Queen app, which you can download. Our customers’ balances can be refreshed this way, allowing you to use our service even without a wallet