We’re changing residential cleaning with our softwash technology. Everything we previously thought about the typical cleaning method can be set aside. The Perchloride technique will be banned by the European Union in the mid-2020s due to its severe impacts on both the environment and employees, and will be replaced by the technologies we presently use.

How is the Softwash process different?

  • No hazardous waste is generated during cleaning
  • Uses less water
  • No unpleasant smell retention in textiles
  • Working conditions of employees become healthier
  • The machine technology requires less stain treatment, therefore protecting the material from damage
  • Is as fast and effective as the dry cleaning process

We clean leather, silk, wool, and fur, but our service is also suitable for motorcycle riders and skiers.

We can also ensure the cleaning and mending of garments that require treatment, thanks to cleaning chemicals created for Softwash technology that are effective, environmentally safe, and one-of-a-kind. Skin, carcass skin, and water repellent materials are cleaned with a specifically formulated cleaning solution for this purpose, which extends the life of even the most worn of items.

The delicate drying of the textiles, as well as the ironing and steaming, take place in accordance with TEXTIL KRESZ standards, even with form ironing at his end, so that the months/wrinkles, and creases that have developed over time can be corrected, restoring our goods to their former glory.



After cleaning and washing, each textile is ironed or steamed into its final desired shape. We’re also partners if you want the smell of a tried-and-true rinse at home while cutting down on ironing time. This service is guided by our current prices.



The washing is done according to the textile crescent’s specifications, including stain pre-treatment and sorting by material type, because the washing program and the efficacy of high-quality cleaning solutions can assure the best possible final outcome.

We also provide laundry and cleaning services to both private and public clients. For our retail customers, the current price table is the standard, and we can offer quantity and frequency discounts to our public clients.

Self-service laundry


SpeedQueen self-service laundry launched in Hungary in 2020. We are worthy of competing in the self-service laundry industry, with the high-quality competitors already present, thanks to the speedy and effective washing and drying process supplied by professional machines. Textiles, including huge duvets, blankets, or a family’s complete holiday laundry, can be washed and dried in a maximum of 1 hour using our 11 and 18 kilogram washing machines and our 13 kg tumble dryers.

We give everything according to the self-rationing schedule, so no detergent or rinses are required. You may also track which of our machines are free or, if not, when they will be with the Speed Queen app, which you can download. Our customers’ balances can be refreshed this way, allowing you to use our service even without a wallet

Home delivery


We will pick up the laundry at the time and address specified when you place your order. The laundry is then delivered to you in immaculate condition at the time you specify.

It only takes a few minutes longer than ordering lunch! Order washing, ironing and dry cleaning through Foodpanda Marketplace!

Commercial laundry


Our Pusztaszabolcs commercial laundry has the capacity to clean 300 tons of textiles every month. There is technology in our laundry that solves challenges in the hotel industry. Textiles are stored in the most up-to-date chip system, preventing textiles from being exchanged between partners. We can also provide a safe, up-to-date inventory database to our customers thanks to the system. We also put a lot of emphasis on stain removal because it’s one of the most common issues we have with our hotel partners. Separate stain treatment units have been built in our facility, where we use the most effective agents to remove stains caused by cosmetics, shoe wax, blood, and other sources.

Our textile shop


We sell high-grade products produced from Egyptian and Turkish cotton of the highest quality. We can take individual orders since we have our own sewing company, and we can even serve individual needs in hotels and restaurants.Our hotel partners can explore our portfolio at our Dohány Street Showroom and receive a unique offer with the help of our experts after a needs assessment. For the first time in Hungary, the world-famous Hugo Boss home items are accessible in our shop.

Many individuals struggle to get out of bed after staying in a 4-5 star hotel because they want to experience the same level of luxury at home. This can’t be an impediment any longer! We also sell high-quality products at an affordable price to our retail consumers. Duvets, pillows, hotel-quality bed linens, towels, and robes, whether 100 percent natural or goose flakes, are available in our store. If Macmillan Textiles are chosen, high-quality luxury products at a reasonable price will no longer be a trade-off.